5 Makeup Tips to Make you Look Younger

Looking Younger

5 Makeup tips to make you look younger!

Day one on my first course into the world of makeup was this… “Once you reach age 25 years old you are classed as having mature skin!”


Yip my jaw dropped too! I was 27 at the time! However, I’ve just reached the ripped old age of 33 or level 33 as I like to call it! (I once read, imagine you referred to ages as levels instead of years? So, when you are 80 years old you’d say I’ve just reach level 80! Sounds way more epic doesn’t it?).


But at level 33 I often get mistaken for being in my early or mid-twenties…Did anyone do the #10yearchallange on Facebook or Instagram? Here’s mine! No fancy lights, no filters, just me and a camera phone!

H.N.D Makeup Artistry

Professional Makeup Artist

In the industry for over four years, I am passionate about good skin care. The base for providing the perfect canvas to achieve natural looking makeup. Dedicated to helping women over thirty to gain confidence in their skincare and makeup routine.

Level 22, September 2008 Level 33, November 2018

I have changed but not greatly, my hairdresser finally talked me into cutting my fine, thin hair short!

And I discovered makeup and a good but simple skincare routine!


So, what simple tricks can I do with my makeup to look younger?


You want to look more youthful but avoid the “older woman trying desperately to cling onto her teens/twenties”? I’m I right? Or as my (level 97) gran would say “mutton dresses as lamb” look, haha gotta love her! And yes, she is still not scared to pop a little makeup on to head out on trips or to her bingo nights!



1. Where to start?

Prime! Prime your canvas but avoid “any primer will do, primer is primer” attituded…or as I used to do “whatever is cheapest” Attitude!

Look for one with containing Hyaluronic Spheres, these little hydrating guys will fill out those fine line, wrinkles and pores! Giving a soft focused look! Perfect anti-aging ingredient!

Eye primer is also key, not only in stopping your eye shadows creasing but as we age our lids become more red or blue in colour. You want an Eye Primer to correct that, giving a nude base to apply your eye shadows and one that make eye shadow colours pop and last!

Remember: apply to clean skin, a little goes a long way & wait at least 1 min before applying another product on top!


2. Foundation

The mind boggles, right? Matte, dewy, liquid, mineral powder, under tones, shades, like where do you even start?

To give your skin a warmer glow choose a yellow based liquid foundation!

As we age liquids and cream-based products are great for giving us younger looking skin with our makeup!

A yellow based foundation will warm the look of the skin, a hint of sun kissed skin always gives a more youthful glow!

My shade is Soft Blush which is more a pink base, but for a more youthful, sun kissed look I turn to shade Buff . Other yellow based shade in the brand I use personally and use on my clients are Fair, Golden Beige & Natural Beige #7627 !

Remember: less is more, a light coverage is better than a heavy cake foundation that will only sink into those lines…eek!

3. Highlight

Not in a “can be seen from outer space” way!

Just a subtle highlight is all you need to give an uplifted, youthful look!

A cream-based highlighter is great, I love my duo highlight/contour, that are also anti-aging!

A cream will sink into your skin for a more natural look. The astronauts will not be able to spot you from the space station! Promise! 😉

Again, less is more, a little goes a long way!

Apply above your cheek bones, sweeping up and out, under the eye brows & cupids bow!

Remember: Blend well to achieve the look of natural younger looking skin!

4. Lashes

I hate to be the barer of bad news but up as we age our lashes are also thin!

Most woman often reach for a volumising mascara to solve the issue, but they can be heavy and actually weigh your thinning lashes down! Make your eyes appear smaller and older! Yikes! Who knew?!

Instead you want a mascara which will lengthen but most importantly condition the lashes!

I’ve used this one mascara for a few years now and clients often ask, when choosing strip lashes, which ones I am wearing? None! They are my own lashes!

It will give you an instant length but keep using this mascara everyday and you will really benefit from its condition ingredients, such a pea protain and bamboo extracts!

Everyone will be asking you what your secret is to great looking lashes! Without the hassle fake ones!

Before and After – Just one coat of It’s a Long Story Mascara

Remember: apply on top of the lashes first before applying under the lashes to give a better application!

5. Lips

Yip, another area to thin as we age!

Dark colours will make your lips appear smaller while pink based nudes or berry colours will give the illusion of fuller lips! Mwah!

Avoid matte lip colours, as these can also be drying as well as aging!

Instead look for dewy ones. I use a lipstick that has anti-aging and deeply nourishing ingredients!

Benefits of a lip balm and the look of a lip stick it’s a win win!

Great colours in are Lotus, Peony, Lily & Orchid

Today I went for shade Guava

Remember: to blot, to keep your colour lasting longer!

So, there we have it 5 simple ways to a more youthful but classy makeup look. Some you may have already known, maybe there were some surprises in there too!

Would you like to learn more? And meet more like-minded woman who want to look their best but still look like themselves, rather than an Instagram filter.

Then come join the fun in the True Reflection Facebook group! 

I’ll see you there!


Ps. Let me know what “level” you have reach?

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