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Woohoo we are half way through our winter here in scotland!

But what is it about winter that makes us so…blah feeling?

Is it the cold weather, making us tense up trying to keep a heat in us?

Is it the over indulge of food, making us sluggish?

Or is it the dark mornings and dark nights? How often have you said, “I hate going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark!”

Me too!!

I do love winter at the start but, like you, I’m over it now! I feel ya! And what is going on with our skin? Maybe you’re having break outs! Come on we left out teenage years…well, a while ago!

Pale and pasty looking? We aren’t seeing daylight and if we are, we are wrapped up to the max (I always think people who live in much colder countries must laugh at us trying to cope with winter 😊)

Over all in winter our skin just looks blah. We look blah, we feel blah. There is one skincare step that you might not be doing or doing enough of to help give your skin that glow back!

You’re cleansing, toning and moisturising but feel like your skin still looks dull! But are you remembering this step? It’s so easy to forget about this step especially in winter!

And that is…To drink enough water!

On some days, depending what I am doing that day, I can drink a lot of water, on others I drink none! I want to share some tips to help you drink more! Have glowing skin! And have everyone asking what you are doing different!

Why is water good for preventing dull skin?

But first let’s understand why.

We know it’s good for us and we keep hearing how we should drink more of it but why

Here comes the geeky part.

Our body needs water to survive. When we drink water, the body prioritises where that water is used.

Firstly, it goes to our vital organs. Our liver, our heart, our brain etc and to our digestive system to, you know, keep things moving.

Then it goes to our skin.

But if we aren’t drinking enough, who is missing out? Yup our skin! It’s like being the last person to the buffet!

When are skin isn’t getting hydrated from our water intake it becomes dull, fine lines and wrinkles appear more prominent, it looks dry and just, yup blah!

There is a good formula nutritionist use to work out how much water your body need. I will share this formula towards the end.

3 Tips for Drinking More!

Tip 1 “But I struggle to drink water”

Biggest tip, and this helped me the most to get drink more water. Buy a water bottle, but not any old one! Get on with a straw like top! Like these little guys!


Super inexpensive you can pick them up at your local super market or online. I swear the water level goes down and I don’t even realise I’ve been drinking it! Magic!

Tip 2 “But I don’t like water”

Now I do like water, but not icy cold like most people. So, I tend to drink it straight from the tap! Other people might like it cold, so while drinking it one bottle have another already chilling in the fridge or if you are out and about put plenty of ice in there too!

For others they just don’t like it! So, jazz it up! Buy the fruit infused water bottles instead


It flavours the water and you can also gain extra benefits from the fruit! Now this will take a little more prep time than just filling from the tap and go! With these you want to prepare the night before. Maybe while you are making dinner or preparing the packed lunches for the next day.

Slice up your fruit, add to the infuser, fill with water and pop into the fridge over night! I’d recommend having two bottles. That way you are giving the fruit time to infuse into the water. Giving it a nice flavour and extra goodness for your body and skin! If you would like some ideas on which fruits to use, I’d be happy to share them with you. Drop me a comment below!

Tip 3 “but how much do I really need? I heard people have drowned because they drank too much water”

Weather that’s true or not I’ll leave it up to you to decide. But my guess is if we are already finding it a struggle to drink a little water each day we are in no danger of drinking too much or drowning!

So, how much do I need? We are all unique and one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to water intake.

After speaking to a few nutritionists I’ve learned they teach their clients this formula, so simple

Your weight in Kg x 0.033 = Litres of water per day

For Example

60Kg x 0.033 = 1.98

so that would mean you have to drink 2 Litres of water per day.

On days you are more active you will need more.

It is also said water reduces your sodium levels. If you are a generally healthy person you shouldn’t worry about this, but you have health concern plus seek advice from a qualified nutritionist or GP

So, there we have it!

Let’s get drinking more water…And make sure our skin isn’t missing out on hydration!

Maybe reading this has made you thirsty? I’m thirsty writing about it! Another tip to keep you motivated is to take a selfie with no makeup on now and take another one in a week or two. Will you see the difference? I bet others will and the compliments will be rolling in!


Thank you

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. If hope you took something away from it!

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