How to choose your wedding makeup artist

  • How far in advance do I book a makeup artist?

  • Are all makeup artists the same?

  • Should I have a trial?

  • What happens at a trial?

  • What happens if I don’t like my wedding makeup?


With so many options, questions and information out there it’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed. I want to break it down for you so it doesn’t feel as daunting and guide you through finding the perfect look to make you feel a million dollars on your wedding day!

First Things First

Having an idea of what makeup looks like. It goes a long way in choosing the right makeup artist for the job.

Pinterest is my bible, although warning,  min’s, hours can pass when you go down the Pinterest rabbit hole!!

But it’s not only good for checking out wedding makeup and hairstyle ideas, it’s great for all your suppliers.

Makeup boards of wedding cakes, wedding flowers, etc and you’ll soon see a common style in your “pins” showing you what you want!

Once you know what you want or what you don’t want in a wedding makeup it makes booking the right makeup artist a lot easier.

H.N.D Makeup Artistry

Professional Makeup Artist

In the industry for over four years, I am passionate about good skin care. The base for providing the perfect canvas to achieve natural looking makeup. Dedicated to helping women over thirty to gain confidence in their skincare and makeup routine.

Choosing a Bridal Makeup Artist

Choosing a makeup artist. Makeup artists are unique. We all have different styles, styles we enjoy creating and styles we do well.

Makeup is an art after all, so there is no right or wrong way. As the 19th century writer, Margaret Wolfe first wrote “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

Take time to research makeup artist, for this reason, check out their websites, Facebook pages, Instagram, etc.

Some will be upfront on their styles. For example my home page I share about me and that I am for natural makeup looks which enhance your natural beauty because it’s what I enjoy most. Also, spend time looking through the makeup artist portfolio of work, are you drawn to what you see?

If it’s glam you like do they have lots of glam looks in their portfolio? Do you or does your wedding theme call for a centre look maybe a vintage look? Look for an artist who specialises in vintage makeup looks.

Researching saves a lot of time and avoids any potential disappointment in the long run.

Reach Out

Once you have found a suitable makeup artist the next step is to reach out. Most will have a wedding enquiry section on their website. This is the best and most time effective way to contact them because you’ll answer all the questions they need in order to provide you with a quote for their services.

How Far in Advance Do I Book My Trial? Great question and one I’m asked a lot.

If you want to try out a few different artists then the more in advance the better! Giving you time to try out a few different makeup artists.

If you have a Makeup artist you know you want to use then around 3 months before is an ideal time. That way should you want another trial there will be time but also 3 months the makeup look at your trial is fresh in the mind of you and your makeup artist

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Wedding Makeup Trial?

Before Your Trial

Be prepared, your makeup artist will ask to see inspiration pictures. Time to get out that Pinterest Board!

Or some screenshots do the trick too and have them at the ready so that you’re not eating into your trial time scrolling through your phone.

It’s useful to have pictures of your wedding dress, accessories, flowers, bridesmaids dresses and overall wedding theme to help your makeup artist create a look which compliments overall.

Also, have pictures of you wearing makeup to allow the makeup artist to see your usual look. This helps to create a look you will like too.

Prep Your Skin

We all fall in and out our skincare routines, we are all human. However, if there was a time to up your game, now is the time!

The better condition the skin is in the much better the makeup will sit on the skin and the much longer it will last! With your wedding day being often a 12 hour day you want to ensure your makeup will last the day!

If you are not sure what to do or if you are doing it right. Please do not hesitate to get in touch

Are you interested in a Skincare appointment?

At Your Trial

  1. Fresh Faced. Please come fresh-faced. Having pictures of you will allow the artist to see your usual style and coming with a clean face means again not cutting into your trial time. Makeup application will be better as a “quick” makeup removal never fully cleans the face and will affect the end result.
  2. Tan. If you are planning on tanning for the wedding day it is helpful to have the tan on at your trial so a good colour match can be planned in advance. Saving time on the day.
  3. Wear white. A white top or a colour close to your wedding dress colour. The colour of your top can change the look of makeup too. So again this is very helpful in colour matching and allowing you to see a more overall look.
  4. Go Loose. Wear loose clothing which you can remove easily so as not to rub the makeup. Having your trial earlier in the day is also great to give it the test of time! Go about your day or maybe plan a nice day out 😉
  5. Take Note. Feedback is very helpful to your makeup artist. She/He wants to provide the best makeup possible. As you go about your day keeping look at the makeup. Is there anything you want to be changed? What are you loving about it too? And did it stand the test of time?


After a successful trial, you can relax knowing all will be in hand on your wedding day! You will have the look you’ve dreamt of and you will feel like a million dollars!

I hope this has been useful and given you a good understanding of how to choose the right wedding makeup artist for you and also how to get the most from your wedding makeup trial!

Make an enquiry about Makeup, Hair or Skincare

I wish you congratulations on your wedding day! I hope you have the most amazing day!


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