Products and Services Policies



We take great care and considerations to the venues/homes we visit to ensure no damaged is cause on our part. Precautions are taken to avoid this, and work space will be left clean and tidy. True Reflection is a fully insured business.



Clients MUST inform us of any allergies. Patch tests may be required prior to appointment



True Reflection use high quality cosmetics suitable to sensitive skin, PARABEN FREE, GLUTEN FREE, NON GMO, NEVER TESTED ON ANIMALS



Hygiene is top priority! Brushes, tools and kit are thoroughly washed before each day, In-between client’s brushes and tools are sanitized using 99.9% IPA alcohol. Disposable wands are used for mascara applications. If clients must let us know of any infection’s conditions prior. Where possible appropriate measure will be taken to ensure makeup applications can go ahead. PLEASE NOTE it may not always be possible. For example: where the skin is broken/open it would be irresponsible to allow the makeup application or hair styling to go ahead.



Makeup is a great tool and can disguise many things. However, the skin condition plays a huge part on how the makeup sits and how it last. It is up to the client to ensure they take steps in the skincare prior to appointment.