Summer Wedding Makeup

You’ve found the one, thee dress. You’ve choose your accessories, your ‘magical’ shoes. Now it’s time to think about your wedding hair and makeup. Makeup and hair will bring your full look bridal style together. But where do you start? What compliments your dress? What makeup suits your wedding theme? What’s your normal makeup style? What’s trending in 2019?



Healthy Glow Skin

The 2019 bridal makeup look is stepping away from the heavy coverage makeup and brides are opting for a lighter coverage. Bobbi Brown are creating soft warm glow for the 2019 brides.

Brides are opting to enhance their natural look rather than using heavy coverage foundation and contours to change their looks completely.

A good skin routine and eating your greens will allow your skin to glow on the day but if you have blemishes or skin conditions don’t worry your MUA can still give you coverage without a heavy caked makeup.

Moisturising before your makeup is applied is important to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. Eye masks are also a great way to brighten the eyes. A must if there has been a few sleepless night on the lead up to the wedding day! 

I use Arbonne Re9 Prepwork 

Not only do they soothe puffy, tried eyes they diminish the look of dark circles and fine lines too!

The better preped the skin, the easier it is to achieve a natural makeup look. With a healthy glow you will be the envy of all your guest.

H.N.D Makeup Artistry

Professional Makeup Artist

In the industry for over four years, I am passionate about good skin care. The base for providing the perfect canvas to achieve natural looking makeup. Dedicated to helping women over thirty to gain confidence in their skincare and makeup routine.

The Main Thing to Remember

While trends are great, they are only suggestions. This is YOUR day! Do not feel pressured into having a look that is just not you.

If you feel overwhelmed, have a think…

Are you having soft or strong colours? Would a soft or stronger makeup look compliment your wedding theme?

What style is your dress? Floaty, Boho? Or more structured and formal? Would a lighter or more glam look compliment your wedding dress?

Keep in mind your everyday look. I ask to see photos of my brides to get a sense of what the are used to wearing. Your wedding day isn’t the best time to go all out trying a new look or style.

The best places to look for ideas are Pinterest and bridal magazine, often show a variety of makeup looks to compliment bridal style and wedding themes


If you wear minimal makeup, keep it light and natural. If you wear a look from an era like the 50’s or 60’s, research some ideas to tie in your style.


1. Brows

Brows have became such a big part of any makeup. But why?

Groomed brows give a good frame to your face and give a polished look.

I remember the first time a MUA did my brows, I couldn’t stop looking at them in the mirror! I thought they were huge! In reality they weren’t at all, I had just never did anything with my brows before and in the photos they look good…not omg look at her eye brows but an overall finished look to my makeup.

Brows can be shaped and defined but still look natural. I don’t believe in big drawn on brows that over power the look. A light powder or pencil is all you need to achieve a well groomed brow.

But I’d also recommend visiting a brow specialist before you wedding to have them professionally shaped. Makeup can shape brows but will never look as natural as having been waxed or threaded to shape the brow, using makeup just to enhance them.


2. Eyes

Last year was more about glam brides, think cut crease and metallic eyes.

2019 is toning it down. Charlotte Tilbury is paving the way for soft natural browns to define the eyes with a hint of light shimmer to make the eyes pop.

Again keeping it very natural and soft.

In our look we only used mascara on the lashes but there is lots of very natural looking eyelashes that can be applied to enhance your eyes without being over powering. Just ask your MUA.

We lined the eyes using gel liner, tight to the lash line but smudged to soften the look too.


3. Lips

Pantone Colour of Institute announced ‘Living Coral’ as the colour trending in 2019!

We choose lip shade in Zinnia  to bring a splash of colour to the look, right on trend!

Lip colour is important to define your lips and give a more polished finish.

Lip balm is a must on the lead up to your wedding! To avoid dry cracked lips!

I recommend a lips stick over gloss, avoiding the ‘hair stuck to lips’ look and a more pleasant first kiss as husband and wife for your groom, he won’t be left with sticky lips!

Lip colour is something to decide in advance so you can purchase your shade and have it handy for touch ups during the day!

Brides with light/fair skin tones also suit light coral blush to add warmth to the skin. Another subtle way to be on colour trend 2019.



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